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Helping people change to a sustainable future

Marketing Sustainable Brands

Renewable energy
  1. Research customer attitudes, beliefs, feelings and priorities
  2. Work with your stakeholders to increase understanding of the threat of climate change, its impact on people and the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle
  3. Collaborate with your supply chain to design products and services that are sustainable while meeting customers’ needs and priorities
  4. Apply professional marketing and sustainability principles to the pricing, distribution, packaging, promotion and sales of your products and services
  5. Create and live a set of sustainable brand values that connect you and your target audience

Creating a Sustainability Culture

Sustainable office
  1. Live the message by ensuring your Chief Executive and Senior Management Team are visibly changing their behaviour to lead a more sustainable lifestyle
  2. Set up and support an Employee Sustainability Group with the remit to run awareness-raising initiatives and campaigns for colleagues
  3. Adopt the ‘Go Green’ pathway which provides a step-by-step structure for becoming a more sustainable organisation
  4. Join local and industry-specific Sustainability Networks in order to share best practice and provide mutual encouragement and support
  5. Engage a specialist sustainability communications consultancy such as ourselves that understands sustainability issues as well as having an in-depth professional knowledge of running employee engagement and culture change programmes.

Our Offer

  • Strategic advice on sustainable marketing, employee engagement and culture change

  • Design and delivery of sustainability campaigns that raise awareness and change behaviour

  • Integrated solutions that draw on practical experience as well as the latest research and theoretical¬†insights

Case Study

Water bottles

Ian Glennie is studying part-time for an MSc in Sustainable Development and is currently working on a project to increase the adoption of refillable water bottles and reduce plastic pollution. More details coming soon…

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