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Making friends of our readers

We believe a magazine should be everything a good friend should be: fun, interesting, stylish, responsive, reliable, lively at times and reflective at others.

Our approach takes more time than just bundling a set of news releases together.  It means spending as much time as possible talking to your readers, interviewing and doing articles about them rather than dictating content from an editorial ivory tower.

The benefit our clients get is a real relationship with their customers and staff.  And their content gets read rather than ending up in either the real or digital waste bin.

As well as entertaining to read, we work within the budget available to make our magazines a visual feast of design and photography.

People can enjoy our magazines in print but also online, through engaging and interactive pdf readers like Issuu or online magazine platforms such as Flipboard.

If you want to build a real relationship with the customers and staff you care about, then let us create a magazine that can be a good friend to them.

For more information contact Ian Glennie on 07734 858121



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