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We can now see a world in which solar and wind power are cheaper to produce than coal and gas.  But the real frontline of research and development is the storage of green energy.   We need batteries that have a large capacity and are safe, light and inexpensive – because without these we will not be able to have the power levels we need 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The quicker we move to clean, green energy the more pressing becomes the need for power storage because we won’t have the fossil fuel capacity to fall back on.

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Which companies are at the cutting edge of battery and energy-storage research and development?

Contact me with details of others. I am sure there are loads.

Do current paradigms and technologies for batteries provide a long-term sustainable solution?

Don’t know the answer to this one.  How sustainable are supplies of lithium?  If you know more, email ian@glennie.com. Thanks

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