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Capturing the moments that change people

Social Film Drama

In the films we create there is usually a moment when it feels like time has stopped; when the person who is speaking or the drama that is unfolding moves the audience so powerfully that they suddenly experience what it is like to be the person on the screen and walk in their shoes. They see the world from the inside out rather than from the outside in. They understand and want to act.

We create film dramas and documentaries. Our clients benefit from our films because they reveal complex issues and inspire compassion and change. They get talked about and keep the issues alive and relevant.

Because our films touch our audiences so deeply, our films have the longest lasting impact of any communications we create. Some are still in use as training resources over 10 years after they were created. They have been screened to millions on television and won international awards.

We work on projects independently as well as in collaboration with award-winning writers and directors to tackle issues we and our clients care about.

If you would like time to stop for your audience and for your message to be remembered for many years, please get in touch.

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Leaving – The story of Helen’s attempt to leave an abusive relationship.

Overdose Notes – The tragic and true story of a man’s death from a drugs overdose 24 hours after leaving prison.

Conference Openers

We create inspiring conference opening films that:

  • Set the right tone for your conference
  • Generate energy and attention
  • Focus people’s minds and emotions on the key issues


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