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Marketing the connectedness of life

Learning that everything has consequences

When I was a child I used to love going to buy petrol. It meant I could get to see the Esso tiger and ‘put a tiger in my tank’. The petrol station gave out tiger masks to children and I loved those too.  No one knew in the 1960s that the over consumption of oil would put wildlife and the environment in such jeopardy.  We can excuse the environmental ignorance of the past but we know better now. Everything we do – as purchasers and producers – has consequences.

We can cry in despair and carry on with business as usual.  Or we can think innovatively.  There are amazing, cost-effective green solutions being developed all around us. We just need to grasp them as communities. It is our pleasure and responsibility as marketers and communicators to promote them wherever we can.

Isn’t it time we started marketing green solutions as effectively as we used to market petrol?



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