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Bringing great ideas to the surface

The power of listening and conversation

We believe your communications and creativity are only as good as the interviews and conversations that start the process.

We go deeper than probably anyone else in our interviews with clients and their staff because this process brings to the surface a treasure of ideas, insights and stories.

Through quality listening, we have discovered that everyone has a story to tell and an insight that can inspire innovation.

Our clients benefit from:

  • Better staff engagement and a stronger team culture
  • More effective news and social media marketing because their blogs, articles, case studies and media relations are powered by real heartfelt stories
  • Insights which inspire improvements in practice for individual teams and the organisation as a whole

If you would like to know more about what goes into a quality discovery interview read our blog ‘How a discovery interview can make you stronger’


Introductory Free Offer

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Normally I charge a minimum of £100 for an hour long interview and to write up ideas and notes.

I can afford to do one free discovery interview each week. So why pay when you get one free!

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Why is interviewing special?

Listening attention and affection can help someone:

  • Discuss, develop and voice ideas through conversation
  • Access parts of the brain which use creative and fluid thinking
  • Tap into forgotten memories, ideas and experiences to build additional emotional and creative connections

As interviewer you plan a vital role in:

  • keeping the conversation flowing
  • providing some structure whilst allowing creative digression
  • identifying gaps or inconsistencies in an explanation
  • seeking clarification of definitions and assumptions
  • suggesting connections with different ideas

For more information contact Ian Glennie on 07734 858121


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